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Thread: PROFIT Closer v1.0 for MT4

PROFIT Closer v1.0 for MT4
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    ???????? PROFIT Closer v1.0 for MT4

    Good Day

    Here is an EA made to control your Tades, Mange trades , close profit with different Options :

    - Close with Standard options : TP, SL, Trailing, Breakout, or After Defined candles
    - Close the Entier order when the profit reach a difined Amount in Account Currency terms
    - Close Only a Percentage of current Lotsize opened each time Profit equal a difined amount.
    - can control All trades Opened manually or opened via other Expert Advisors with Magic Numbers

    Lots Custom Recommend 0.01 per 100$ in free Margin: (mean 0.1 per 1000$ and 1 per 10000$)
    TP Custom Target or Take Profit in (Pips)
    SL Custom Stop Loss in (Pips)
    Trailing Custom Trailing Profit to move SL if positive profit reached the Value defined in (Pips)
    Breakout Custom Move SL at Entry Price if Value reached as Positive profit (your loss set to = 0)
    TS_ActiveLevel 0: Default Leave as default
    Exit_After_bars Custom Exit trade after defined Bars since Open whatever the profit
    BreakAdd_Pips Custom Will add Pips Above Breakeven Level.

    Advanced Money Management :
    IF PROFIT Value $ Compare current Profit reached will execute one of the following options
    Close Fix Profit True / False If True Will close the Entire position at Limited Profit in IF PROFIT
    Close_%_Lotsize False / True If True Will Only a Percentage % of current Lotzise used defined in Partial_Lots

    Note : One Option Only must be set TRUE , Close as Fixed Profit or Close Partial

    Trade Position Control ID Number for Positions
    BUYMagic Number Never use the same value on different charts, must be unique for each chart
    SELLMagic Number Never use the same value on different charts, must be unique for each chart

    For manually opened trades set : 0 to control them, if you use an other EA set the same magic number used by the other expert that open the trade .

    Exemples How to Use Partial % Lot Closer .

    In case you want use the option Close_Partial Position = True, and your trade is executed at the min lot size allowed by the broker, which make the current lot size can be divided based the rate set, otherwise cannot close partial lot of the current position, so this option will not work.
    As you can close part or lotzise as profit only if your request equal or superior of Min Lotzise allowed to trade, so as most brokers has Min order: 0.01 lot and suppose that you want close 25% of current lot when reach 2$ in input IF PROFIT: 2
    Example 01: Applied trade with 0.01 Lots IF_PROFIT = 2$
    • [ (0.01 x 25) /100] = 0.0025
    • End;

    We know that 0.0025 lot is not accepted to be executed to trade on MT4 due of broker limit, so This Option will not Work.
    Example 02: Applied trade with 0.1 Lots, IF_PROFIT = 50$
    • [ (0.1 x 25) /100] = 0.025 lot
    • [ (0.075 x 25) /100] = 0.01 lot
    • End; 0.065 Lot Left Open
    Example 03: Applied trade with 1 Lots, IF_PROFIT = 100$
    • [ (1 x 25) /100] = 0.25 lot
    • [ (0.75 x 25) /100] = 0.18 lot
    • [ (0.18 x 25) /100] = 0.04 lot
    • [ (0.04 x 25) /100] = 0.01 lot
    • End; 0.03 Lot Left Open

    is better to be used with Higher Lotsize to get More Scalping closed orders and more Consective Wining tades.

    copy the EA into Directory: ../MQL4/experts

    Disclaimer :
    Use this system with DEMO first to perform self-training and know how it work and remember that Trading off-exchange foreign currencies, Stocks, CFDs or indexes carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. There is a possibility that you may sustain a loss equal to or greater than your investment, so you should not invest or risk money that you cannot afford to lose .

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