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Thread: Rules of promotion 'Invite a friend'

Rules of promotion 'Invite a friend'
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    Rules of promotion 'Invite a friend'

    1. You receive 2 cents for each visitor, you invited, and who registered on the Forum with the help of your reference link.
    2. Bonus payment is only made if a guest has registered on the Forum.
    3. This promotion doesn't provide payments for the posting the referral does.
    4 Registration from the same IP address is forbidden. (Multiple registrations of the same user are banned).
    5. Distribution of spam and unsolicited commercial e-mails to the users of the Internet network from your referral link is banned.
    6. Distribution of the referral links to the resources which violate moral or ethical norms is banned.

    You can find answers and questions regarding the Promotion 'Invite a friend' here
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