Keep the Clogs Out of Your Kitchen Sinks

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"A single day last week my kitchen sink got clogged, whilst frustrating I didnt believe it was going to be a huge deal.
I just grabbed the Liquid Plumber I had purchased for just such an occasion, and then presto. Nothing.
So we head off to Wal-Mart, my daughter in her jammies since she was just about to go to bed. I found the Draino, my daughter recommended to get two just in case and after the Liquid Plumber hadnt worked I though maybe I greater.
Tried it and it did not work, so then I decided to let it genuinely have some time to function more than night. Nonetheless in the morning a clog.
So I call a plumber and he had the clog fixed in no time, and he gave me a bit of advice that I am going to be employing now.
He told me the moment a week to fill up both my sinks and then let the water out on both at the same time. He mentioned the cyclonic action of the water would continue all the way via my pipes and preserve me from possessing a clog.
He said as extended as you dont place a lot of grease down your drain you ought to by no means have a clog.
So I thought I would share this tip with all of you. I figure it doesnt cost anything and takes much less than 5 minutes so why not.
Another tip someone else had given me that I forgot to ask the plumber about is to take a can of salt every month and flush it down your toilet. They told me it would preserve tree roots from growing toward your pipes. So given that I have trees in my backyard I salt the toilet once a month too. <a href=http://noclogg.com/>pasadena plumber[/url]"
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