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Have you heard of the concept pikachu before? Pikachu is basically a pokemon from the Pokemon group of animation and the pokemon game child games. Pokemon means pocket monster, however in both the cartoon and the game, the Pokemon really live in the pokeball not the pocket of the coach, although pokeball is most likely stored in the pocket! (I always wonder how the coach is able to match so many pokeballs into his pockets, especially when you begin to see the coach in the pokemon anime reach into his pockets and take out a few pokeballs applying his hands!)

Now why I described it is because Ash Ketchum's pikachu doesn't prefer to be stored inside a pokeball. To set things straight, Ash Ketchum is the principal figure in the lively pokemon line. (If you perform Pokemon Yellow on the Game Boy, you'd also begin your pokemon experience with a Pikachu, much like Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon movement series). Ash Ketchum gets a Pikachu from Professor Oak, a professor who focuses primarily on pokemon. That pokemon is designed to help Ash in his journey through the world of pokemon. Oh and another thing, you will find many many pikachus in the world of pokemon. That means that Ash's pikachu isn't unique and other coaches can find their own pikachus also. Until the pokemon is a rare or unique pokemon (such as Mew that there is only 1 Mew in the planet of pokemon), then you can actually find the same pokemon where they live.

Now Ash and Pikachu didn't start off on the right foot. However as they experienced obstacles and when Pikachu realized just what a good and kind instructor Ash was, Pikachu gradually started to Ash and reciprocated Ash's friendship. I did not inform you that Pikachu is an energy pokemon and therefore may use episodes such as thunder shock or thunder bolt which will be lightning based. It may also use different episodes such as rapid assault. Now at the start when Pikachu wasn't used to Ash, he'd shock Ash along with his lightning strikes often. However, Ash was not troubled with this and continued to show love for his Pikachu. Ash's pikachu was also particular in the sense that he refused to travel in a pokeball, choosing to travel on top of Ash's neck as an alternative. Eventually, they became the best of friends though.

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