Choosing the Antivirus from the Norton Utilities Review

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Sometimes wrong shortcuts are created for some programs, which can be removed using the regcure price. The path that is directed by the shortcut must be the correct program. If it is incorrect, such a file will be removed. The in-built program timer, removal of invalid keys in the registry, back up for the files deleted, removing files with wrong application path are some of the functions of the Regcure. Sometimes, we want the Regcure to avoid scanning some files. Thus the files that needs to be ignored while scanning can be selected and the list will be recognized by the regcure and ignored while scanning. Thus customization is possible. According to the needs of the user, the unwanted files are deleted and yet the important files are not touched. At any point of time, the operations of the regcure are transparent and the status of the scanning is clearly known.
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