Contact Lenses - New Trends

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"Fashion business is brimming with new trends 1 of them is the use of get in touch with lenses. Youngsters these days prefer varied eye colors for different appearances. This has developed a powerful demand for disposable contact lenses or soft lenses in the marketplace. Disposable lenses come in selection of replacement choices. Replacement refers to how frequently the contact lenses could be altered. Day-to-day disposable lenses are to be altered day-to-day. Disposable (day-to-day wear) have a replacement duration of 14 days or two weeks. Seven day extended wear lenses are to be replaced after a week . Planned or frequent replacement lenses are to be changed after one or more months depending upon the brand. The conventional make contact with lenses are replaced following an year. These replacement durations are very general n nature and vary according to the amount of lipid the proteins produced by the eyes.
Earlier cleaning of lens was a tedious job with numerous solutions. With passage of time lens manufacturers developed greater good quality lenses and lens solutions that are less complicated to use. Lenses protect eyes from UV rays of sun. UV rays from the sun are associated with formation of cataracts. Excessive exposure to UV rays leads to photokeratitis. It is a condition in which the sun burn is caused to cornea of eye leading to temporary vision blindness known as snow blindness. It is straightforward to come across no matter whether a lens is UV blocker or not. UV protection layer is clearly visible on a lens. Also, the packaging of the lens clearly states if the lens is UV protected or not. However, these lenses only cover the cornea of the eye for protecting the other parts of eye from sun it is important to make use of sunglasses.
Also, the 30 day continuous wear lenses are back in industry. They are made up of better material than they were earlier. They allow a lot more amount of oxygen to reach the eye even when you are wearing the lenses. Thereby generating them considerably safer and convenient to use. A few manufacturers are also producing bifocal & toric lenses in disposable styles in addition to the conventional designs that last from 1 to a number of years.
The replacement schedule of a lens depends on whether or not i can be worn during sleep or not. There are lenses that have the caliber of correcting vision. This is known as corneal refractive therapy. Under this therapy special contact lenses are worn in the course of night when you sleep. These lenses reshape the eyes in order to improve your vision. As a result you can see even when you are not wearing them. <a href=http://www.turtlecontacts.com.au/au/>red contact lenses[/url]"
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