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"Like with several other factors in the world of printing, laser printers have come a lengthy way in the past few years. They have gone from getting identified almost exclusively in offices to being supplied at $100 for a house user. Despite the fact that they are better for a lot of people, some have a difficult time imagining themselves buying a laser printer for their home. A lot of individuals have the notion that laser printers are just the massive clunky machines in their offices where the toner cartridges price a fortune. Nonetheless, if you are someone who prints out a large quantity of documents and is tired of constantly having to buy new black inkjet cartridges, laser printers can be the remedy. Once you get past the initial sticker shock of purchasing laser toner cartridges, you will realize the numbers for an entry level laser printer versus an inkjet printer look something like this:
Typical toner cartridge - $50-$60
Page yield - two,000-3,000 pages
Average cost per page - two-two.5 cents per page
Typical inkjet cartridge - $20-$30
Page yield - 400-500 pages
Typical cost per page - four-6 cents per page
Although these are just averages and may possibly not seem all that various, in general if you are printing documents, it will most likely expense you twice as considerably to run an inkjet printer than a laser printer. It is better to think of items in the lengthy term when it comes to laser printers, because only then will you truly appreciate their value. If you get a laser printer and then a backup toner cartridge at the same time, by the time you will have finished that second cartridge, you would have gone via roughly ten inkjet cartridges.
So if you arent into printing color, then you are most likely better off going with a laser printer over a common inkjet printer. You will appreciate the speed and low upkeep of a laser printer, while also saving money on printer ink in the long run. <a href=http://www.everonit.com/>everonit.com[/url]"
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