How to Sell A Diamond

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"There are several reasons why you may want
to sell a diamond that you own. Possibly
youve gotten divorced, or you are strapped
for cash. The causes why dont actually matter
getting the best possible cost is what
counts! The way to acquire the finest value
for the diamond is to not be in a rush. Slow
down, and carefully think about all of your
options there are a lot of.
First, have the diamond appraised. In fact,
have it appraised by two or three jewelers to
get an correct thought of the diamonds worth.
Tell the appraiser that you want the Rapaport
Worth. This is the wholesale value of the
diamond, and it basically tells you the highest
cost that you can sell your diamond for. If your
diamond has no certificate, you should
contemplate finding a certificate from GIA. This
could support you get a better cost for the
diamond as effectively.
Initial, attempt to sell the diamond yourself, to
people you know. Buddies and household
members might be interested. If you dont have
any luck with close friends or family members members, you
ought to turn to outdoors sources. Absolutely
stay away from pawn shops! A pawn shop will only offer you
you about 10% of what the diamond is worth!
Also avoid offers of selling the ring on
consignment. There are many things that
can go wrong, and there is no shortage of
diamond scams even in properly recognized
jewelry retailers.
If the diamond is important, you should
strongly consider auctioning it off through
one of the well-known auction homes, such as
Christies or Sothebys. If it isnt what is
thought to be an critical diamond or a
high-end diamond, you should try to sell it
to an individual using classified ads, or even
eBay. However, selling to an individual that
you do not know could place you in danger
especially if the diamond is worth a lot of
Your final choice really should be a jewelry shop. It
is vital that you not let your diamond out of
your sight whilst in the jewelry store you
may well discover that the diamond you walked in
with is not the same diamond that you walk
out with! The jeweler will attempt to tell you that
your diamond is of poor quality or low
weight. Inevitably, there will be some
problem with the diamond. This is exactly where
your appraisal and/or certificate will come
in handy.
If the jeweler is fair, they will offer you
amongst 60% and 80% of the worth of the
Rapaport Value. Do not accept anything less
than this. Once again, do not let the diamond out of
your sight until you have been paid for it.
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