Searching Forward for the Dodge Caliber

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"Starting subsequent year, 2007, Daimler Chrysler would be sending off on the streets and roads the new Dodge Caliber. This car is a compact car and it would be coming with a hatchback body style. Aside from that, it would hold five doors. This automobile has been built on the Mitsubishi/Daimler Chrysler GS platform, and for this very cause, it has been said that this vehicle is extremely significantly associated to the Jeep Compass and the Jeep Patriot. When it begins to hit the streets, the Dodge Neon would be mainly competing against the Chevrolet HHR, the Ford Concentrate, the Toyota Matrix, the Mazda Mazda3, and the Pontiac Vibe.
The Dodge Caliber would eventually be replacing the Dodge Neon come the time it hits the streets. More or less, the size of this vehicle would be just like the Dodge Neons. The 2005 Geneva Motor Show became the avenue for Dodge to introduce this compact automobile to the automobile marketplace. The Dodge Caliber holds a crosshair grille as nicely as large wheel arches that are very considerably the frequent functions of Daimler Chrysler vehicles. If you are interested in acquiring one, then you should be willing to spend up some $13,985 for this.
George Murphy, the companys senior vice president for global marketing and advertising, states, Dodge Caliber is not your typical small automobile. The all new Dodge Caliber redefines the compact auto by combining crossover styling with space efficient packaging, interior flexibility, innovative features, and inexpensive performance. Caliber permits owners around the globe to be active, do far more and stand out to reside life to the fullest, and do so at a very competitive cost.
Matt Liddane, the chief engineer for the Dodge Caliber, adds, Dodge Calibers spacious interior is also extremely versatile. We combined styled and comfort with innovative features and clever packaging to create a automobile that gives new which means to functionality in the compact vehicle market place. <a href=http://www.ilovebodykits.com/category/98/Dodge/Exterior_Body-Styling_Full-Body-Kits.html>challenger body kits[/url]"
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