The Function of Nitric Oxide in Bodybuilding

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"Nitric Oxide, a essential molecule manufacturered by the body, causes vasodilation (an expansion of the internal diameter of blood vessels), which in turn leads to increased blood flow, oxygen transport, delivery of nutrients to skeletal muscle and a reduction in blood pressure. An amino acid compound called arginine alpha-ketoglutarate (A-AKG) and arginine-ketoisocaproate (A-KIC) can enhance short term Nitric Oxide levels. Elevated strength and markedly enhanced stamina can also be expected. In fact, the results might be classified into three categories: 1) the promotion of an extended pump 2) signaling muscle growth and speeding recovery 3) growing strength and stamina.
NO2 consists of A-AKG and A-KIC, all-natural myodilators that might help increase nitric oxide levels in your body, thereby rising blood flow, oxygen transport, and delivery of nutrients to skeletal muscle.
NO2 contains A-AKG and A-KIC which could help your muscles encounter an extended pump.
NO2 contains A-AKG and A-KIC which may possibly help your body signal muscle growth and speed recovery.
NO2 contains A-AKG and A-KIC which could help increase your strength and stamina.
NO2 utilizes the A-DS Advanced Delivery Technique which enhances absorption of the active compounds to insure uptake and aid sustain potent effects around the clock.
Who needs it and what are some signs and symptoms of deficiency?
Everyone needs nitric oxide to carry out important physiological processes within the physique. From a bodybuilders viewpoint, nitric oxide supplementation might prove useful in increasing growth due to increases in blood flow to particular regions of the body. Further, men suffering from erectile dysfunction may possibly also uncover supplementing with nitric oxide beneficial.
Signs of deficiency incorporate the inability to attain and sustain erections, physical weakness and extreme fatigue. Most "nitric oxide" supplements contain the amino acid Arginine-alpha-keto-glutarate.
What are the side effects?
With any amino acid containing product, overdose is a possibility. Dosing with also significantly arginine can lead to diarrhea, weakness and nausea. Clear dosing guidelines have not been established, so it is best to do what is recognized as "tolerance mapping". Take a little dosage for one week, note the rewards and the side effects, and enhance the dosage till the benefits are maximized and the side effects minimized. Over time the two will converge and you will hit the optimal dose.
Positive aspects
improves strength and stamina
increased muscle growth and recovery
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