Spirituality Details - When You Can Walk On Water , Take The Boat ( Element 58 )

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"You are a kid of the King, a prince of the realm. All of you are young children o...
You wonder about prayer at times and think that it ought to be magical.Theres no magic in it. Its a technique I gave to you so that you could reach Me anytime you want. It was developed to bring you to the realization that you should be aware of Me all the time. Prayer does not adjust Me, it changes you. Use it as it was originally Come first to yourself and then youll discover that you have come to Me.
You are a youngster of the King, a prince of the realm. All of you are youngsters of the King and therefore princes and princesses. To understand the so-referred to as mysteries of life,you just have to be aware of your birthright. Look at the trees, the mountains and the skies. You should know that long just before they were, you have been and long right after theyre gone, you shall continue to be.
God continued, Probably, it would help you to understand greater if you walk around a bit and talk to some of My other young children. Numerous of them have gone by means of a lot worse than you have and, yet, they emerged victorious. Appreciate the celebration, John. Life is genuinely a celebration.
Listening to God once again was an expertise in no way to be forgotten. Marla, Gideon and I walked over to a number of tables and spoke with some of the folks.It was delightfully refreshing to converse with some of the excellent personalities of all time. I walked over to Jesus who was obtaining a conversation with the Buddha.Pardon me for interrupting, I mentioned, Im somewhat surprised to see the two of you at the same party. Do you have a lot in common?
More than most men and women would like to believe, said the Buddha.
Lord Christ,could you explain to me why you had to die on a cross? I asked.
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