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its funds. Upon one occasion, at least, he placed in its library a collection of suitable books, which he had purchased with that intention. In his annual reports to the trustees, he always made mention of the association, givi. Packers Jerseys g an account of its operations and progress.

Chapter XV Mountain Rides

An incident about "Traveller"--The General's love for children--His friend. NFL Packers Jerseys ship with Ex-President Davis--A ride with his daughter to the Peaks of Otter--Mildred Lee's narrative--Mrs. Lee at the White Sulphur Springs--The great atten. Packers Jerseys online ntion paid her husband there--His idea of life

Since the arrival of "Lucy Long" my father was generally accompanied by one of my sisters in his rides, when. Packers Jerseys sale ever the weather and the condition of the roads admitted of their going. It took very severe weather to keep him in, though often he could not spare the time, for during the winter months the days we. Green Bay Packers Jerseys e very short. Every Monday afternoon there was a faculty meeting, and the vestry meetings of his church were held two or three times a month. Whenever I was. NFL green Bay packers Jerseys in Lexington I rode with him, and when he was prevented by any of the above-mentioned causes he would ask me to take Traveller out and give him a gallop,. NFL Packers Jerseys , which I was delighted to do, and I think I had my revenge for his treatment of me on that ride from Orange to Fredericksburg in the winter of 1862. My father's affection for his horses was very deep and strong. In a letter written from the Springs one summer, to his clerk in Lexington, he says:

"How is Traveller Tell him I miss him dreadfully, and have repented of our separation but once--and that is the whole time since we parted."

I think Traveller appreciated his love and sympathy, and returned it as much as was in a horse's nature to do. As illustrative of this bond between them, a very pretty st