fit flop essence emulsion

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The breast wooden fruit extends the Run fit flop essence emulsion: Real-time relaxes the sensitive flesh's in-depth first aid product. Helps the frail flesh to recover the health, reconstructs the flesh cerebral cortex, brings in-depth heat preservation for the flesh, to nourish and to protect.   Source of the Origins pleased wood natural is the book, the science is a card   Brand key word: The body and mind happy, protects the Earth   Origins said that source of the wood, one take the plant as a source, provides the flesh, the mind dual feeling effect cosmetics brand. The consistent strength in the research the world's plant, the soil, the sea material as well as stems from each kind of classics natural ingredient which variously the different ancient nation inherits, thus creates the product which highly effective, safe, may trust. At the same fitflop luna time, from initiates until now, Origins follows “the pure manifesto” throughout the pledge, grasps loves Earth's idea, cherishes the Earth and the protection by the practical action is too natural. For example all printing product uses may recycle the paper and the environmental protection packing, the start forest restoration activity; Saves the endangered animal and so on.   Product characteristic: Highly effective outstanding, pointed   The gathering from the global botany, the biology, the traditional medicine, the healthcare study and so on each related domain's scientist and the expert, the composition top specialized research and development team, uses the global acme the science and technology method, refines, the extract to the selection natural plant, the omni-directional stable plant active constituent's validity, stimulates its unprecedented curative effect potential, develops the remarkable product. At the same time, in each product's each item of natural activity ingredient, has been through repeatedly strict selecting with the long time research test, guarantees its security and the validity.      Opened organic and the plant skin care mystical veil   If you still had the question regarding organic and the plant skin appliances, then might as well has a look at the following question and answer. Ecocerr   Is European Union organically authenticates, had 15 year history, is the world has the representation and the authorityfitflop frou organic agriculture authentication organization, internationally has the good prestige. Its authentication symbol obtains the consumer and the organic profession universal approval. It is also is recognized by China the supervisory commission member to authorize only to be possible to do the Chinese organic product authentication the enterprise. ECOCERT standard: Least 95% natural plant ingredient: In all ingredients, least 10% are organic; Does not contain any petrochemical ingredient, the silicon, the benzonitrile acids antiseptic and the artificial color.   COSmebio   It was the French government in 2002 the tenable organic maintenance authentication organization, has formulated strict and the detailed natural maintenance (including natural and organic) defines and the control standard, was the natural cosmetics authentication fitflop electra standard. At present the segmentation is ECO (represents organic ingredient to account for 50%) and B10liang the level authentication.
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