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Therefore, the band the examinee provided this kind of school in fudan, should DuoFang advice, try not to risk. At the same time, if want to ask firm, these candidates might as well will aim at wu3 da4, central China university this kind of grades of university.Easy to stick band-science 580 600 points, liberal arts 570 580 pointsScience 580 600 points, the number of their 6332 people;Liberal arts, the number of their 896The band the student for ChongDianXian higher than 35 ~ 55 points, so easy to produce the optimistic blindly, provided that the province key universities can "have nothing worry burberry singapore about", which often causes local universities gathers provided.To wu3 da4, China as an example, for two at hkust in hubei school recruit students to plan is enough, and in the same level of colleges and universities in the top, it has attracted many students enter oneself for an examination the high section. In recent years the two schools to enter oneself for an examination has appeared in more than admit fractional line, unless key line about 50 points.In view of this situation, this band candidates in this kind of popular colleges provided wu3 da4, might as well take "read popular school, choose cold professional" the completion strategy. In return for example, because of its wu is comprehensive university, the professional many, some of which is not enough, because enter oneself for an examination professional number score demanding than popular major much less.

In addition, many universities outside the also have a level of famous and guangdong province. Because of our province number is not much, these schools provided often do not request high scores. So the band students can enter oneself for an examination provincial school, for better ace professional, the more insurance opportunity for schooling.The most uncomfortable band-science 546 560 points, liberal arts 545 555 pointsScience 546 560 points, the number of their 9967 people;Liberal arts 545 555 points, the number of their 2081The band just after the examinee result ChongDianXianburberry blue label bags ten points, competitiveness. If not rashly hot the university or provided popular major, may miss and key university.This kind of the examinee when filled in, have two options: the declared the winner of the unpopular professional or 2 this academy to back a choice. But the two schools and universities or larger gap between, easily give up the chance to read key university is not effective. At this time, this kind of examinee might as well will eye on unpopular in some countries, looking for professional in urgent need of, and at the same time, others may not promising "potential of professional". Way to choose their future employment, two come easy for his wish read up on key university on insurance.
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