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Geography examination this year compared to last year and the knowledge large variation, natural geographical part of the examination site last year about 70%, and this year it is more than half the proportion of human geography, difficulty is lower than last year. The focusghd south africa of the previous years in natural geography knowledge, such as the earth movementburberry , climate, ocean currents and difficult subject examines less, and the distribution of energy consumption, such as crops in human geography distribution examination site, the outstanding test students' ability of geographical analysis. Especially on geographical chart, distribution, searched eight diagrams examines student using chart extraction, information analysis and problem solving ability.The examination site sets the topic the background in actual life most closely connected with the hot issues, such as the 36 problem of massive sandstorm shortly before Beijing theme, in fact is examines the relationship between the environment and people.

Huake university in work, deputy director of the Ann thought of the university entrance exam this year, distribution is "rational return"--2004 years on the high side, in 2005, and this year the low overall are "olive shape" structure, two small head, in the middle, into the normal distribution, and the score contrast to see outside, also appears more normal.

Discipline integration "from" PinPanShi "to" in a pot. "this year's examination question have two ways, which reflects the subject in question comprehensive obvious enhancement, cross with very natural picture. As pointed out that" in Ming dynasty perish, dust stormsburberry bag singapore happen many times "if students remember history of Ming dynasty perish, so the problem in the score can get past examination questions. Is a material, different subjects were asking questions; This year's examination questions is a problem, need two subject knowledge comprehensively.Taken together, the geography is problem as the center and the ability of the conception on the proposition thought, every year examination site knowledge have change, it is to belong to extract type examinations, so for the key to master the knowledge of geography, not according to ever take bets on the test of the review.
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