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Figure 1 Classification of customers
1 potential customers. Potential customers is a product burberry or service needs and desires, and motivations and purchasing power to buy, a company may purchase its competitor's product or service person.
(2) prospective clients. After the initial expected customer is determined after investigation to determine the most likely to buy their products or services to customers, potential customers that effective.
3 real customers. Real customer is the business reality of consumer products and services. Of a company's products and services first tentative buyers become the reality of the enterprise customer. According to the study, the possibility of sales to potential customers is 16 clients to deal one. The opportunity to sell to real customers is 1 in 2 transactions. So real customers are the main source of profits, companies should focus on real customers, for the establishment of a database, focusing on building relationships with these customers, create value for them, so there may be training them into repeat buyers and loyal customers; the other hand, if the burberry bags enterprise customers concerned about the lack of reality, you can make part of the reality of the loss of customers to become customers. Loyalty refers to a company's products and services are very satisfied, very trust, will resist the discounts offered by competitors and regularly buy the company's products and services, or even to recommend to others.