Lucid Dreaming 101

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"The 1st step to employing hypnosis in lucid dreaming or "dream control" begins with remembering your dreams. A key point to think about is that everybody dreams. You may possibly not keep in mind your dreams when you wake but in an 8 hour night of sleeping you normally have five or more dreams.
Before retiring at night take several deep breaths. Close your eyes and unwind each muscle group in turn. Begine with your feet. Tense them and hold for a handful of seconds then release the tension and unwind. Move up your body to your head until you have relaxed your entire body. Imagine that you are descending a lengthy flight of stairs with ten steps. Breath with each step you take and repeat the word "loosen up". As soon as at the bottom imagine that you are in a tranquil setting and rest there awhile.
Now mentally tell your self that when you awaken you will be fresh, rested, complete of power and will keep in mind your last dream in vivid detail.
Have a pen and little book beside your bed and upon awakening immediately ask yourself, what did I dream final night? Focus on taking deep breaths. Then write down in your dream in as much detail as you can recall. This is an essential step so do not overlook it!
After many days of this pratise look over your written dream accounts and look for recurring themes. I often have some thing to drink or some sort of drinking liquid in mine. Your "dream sign" may be different.
Now when retiring the subsequent night go by way of your relaxation exercise and tell your self that you will grow to be aware that you are dreaming when you encounter your dream sign. Tell your self that it is a sign that you must awaken in your dream.
Do this for numerous nights and you will experience a lucid dream. Remember to record your dream just following waking. Research have shown that several people have lucid dreams then forget that they had them a short time following waking. Keeping a journal of your dream experiences keeps them fresh in your thoughts and trains your brain to remember them.
Dont be discouraged if you dont lucid dream at the commence. This is a new skill that should be learned. If you persevere you will achieve results. Should you wish to accelerate your results you may wish to read the critique of the lucid dreaming kit on the internet site below. details"
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