So you got a Speeding Ticket, So now what?

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"Speeding tickets are no fun. If you are pulled more than for speeding and issued a citation legally, you do not want a lawyer unless you were also driving recklessly and are also cited for reckless driving. Speeding tickets are fairly straight forward, for the most part. However, depending on how much over the speed limit you were driving and which state you live in, your vehicle could be impounded (normally 40 mph over the speed limit). Additionally in some states, if you are beneath 18, your license may possibly grow to be suspended. But, if none of these conditions apply to you, you have the correct to do two items: either spend the ticket, normally by way of mail, or else dispute the charge against you. Right after becoming conscious of the law, I learned that any person who pleads guilty on speeding tickets where they had been cited for not speeding at all or cited for not going too considerably more than the speed limit, subjects himself to unnecessary punishment from the law, since most speeding tickets of this kind can be dismissed. I had a friend who was once cited for speeding when he was not and decided to fight the ticket.
So how do I fight a speeding ticket if I dont think I was speeding?
Courts do not like to waste time and taxpayer dollars on petty crimes. To dispute a speeding ticket, you should inside 10 days in most instances either sign the portion of the ticket that says "not guilty" and mail it to the spot where you would send the payment for the fine or write a letter of dispute with the ticket number included in the letter, as properly as your causes for disputing the charges. In the written dispute, you must consist of ticket numbers, the date the ticket was received, the act and section of the defense, and your private data. Thus, it depends on the state, but for the most component, states have a writing address where the dispute can be mailed. Check with your local county clerk to learn where to mail the dispute form.
After you have completed the dispute form, you will then wait to hear from the appropriate authorities, which will mail you a letter stating the date that your hearing will commence. Make confident you attend the hearing and attempt to be at the courtroom at least 15 minutes prior to the start of the court hearing.
When the judge or district magistrate in some instances asks you how you plea, make positive you plead not guilty. He will then ask you to tell your story. As in my friends case above, he simply told him what had occurred. He told the judge that when he saw the cop he looked at his speedometer and he was only going 35 mph in a 35 mph zone. The cop had cited him for going over 45 mph in the 35 mph zone. The cop was there and he conceded. At this point the judge will choose if your case is worthy of continuance and might possibly throw out the case or in the case of a district magistrate will decide your case otherwise, in the case of a judge, you may be summoned to appear at another hearing at which your case will be decided. drunk driving attorney"
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