The Secret - Interview With John Harricharan (Q3)

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"John Harricharan: Three blind guys and the elephant. Every person is trying to describe it differently. And every person is right. Everyone is correct, but only partly so. There demands to be a location where there is not sectarianism, exactly where it does not matter what religion you belong to, what beliefs you have, since -- let me explain very cautiously, the law of gravity has no concept whether or not you are a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian or a Catholic Christian or a Baptist Christian or a Lutheran Christian, a Sikh and a native American. The law of gravity has no regard for that.
It does not care about your religion. It does not care about your beliefs simply because if you stub your toe on a rock or a stone, the law of gravity will function just as nicely for you if you are black or white or brown or yellow or green or pink. That is the law of gravity.
Nonetheless, the law of gravity will work with you in interesting techniques. If you were to use the law of aerodynamics, you can fly. You are not defying gravity, you are working inside it. So these laws will operate for you, and I think every single teacher out there or most teachers who teach these things from some of the ones you read about extremely usually on the Net, they are undertaking some very good. But I believe there wants to be a place where we deal with wholeness, not with parts, where we do not have the blind guys going to see the elephant and every one describes the elephant in his or her -- his personal way. We want to have 1 place. And that is the place, I consider, that we are creating here for a Spiritual Simplicity.
I learned a lengthy time ago what Einstein stated, every little thing ought to be created as easy as possible and not one particular bit easier. And a lot of, many years ago when I was privileged to meet and to stay with one of the fantastic gurus and swamis of the 20th century, he also told me about Spiritual Simplicity, and that -- it is that area that most people do not delve in since the human mind attempts to make it complex. A single of the great mathematicians once said, God is easy, all else is complicated.
So Vish and I, with the help of a few of our other buddies who are also very spiritually uplifting folks, whose names are effectively-recognized on the Internet and the -- outside of the Web, agreed to put together a spot. Its far more of a mind gathering spot than a physical location. It will be on the Net. One will have access to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, as lengthy as one wants. In this place, it will be like an oasis.
One could come from a tired days perform or just out of curiosity want to see what the universe is bringing to you. I feel it is going to be a blessed location where you will meet like-minded people. These are advantages that you wouldnt find in many other places, due to the fact there is nothing at all to push.
We do not have to prove anything at all. We do not have to force anything, were just creating this place and these who are drawn to it will get the rewards of them, its like my talk with Richard Bach the wonderful author who was on the cover of Time Magazine a few years ago for his book Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
When I asked Richard, I mentioned Richard, who did you write the book for? Because it has certainly changed the lives of millions of folks all over the world. And Richard mentioned, you know I genuinely wrote it for anybody and everyone and the book itself had an energy, which if someone is interested in it, they will drawn to the book, if there is no interest, the book goes some place else, simple.
A. Vishwanath: Yeah.
John Harricharan: The way of energy. So I really feel that those who visit and come to this website become members of it would have a bag of tools, which they can use to make their lives effective in many methods. If they are very successful now, they could turn into much a lot more successful and I dont measure achievement in the form of just cash or just well being or just connection. I think it has to do like -- bear in mind you and I and Yanik Silver, were talking the other day, that there has to be --
A. Vishwanath: Yeah.
John Harricharan: There has to be a balance with income, health and connection.
A. Vishwanath: Yeah.
John Harricharan: And so those are the things that I believe will happen at this website. I think there will be a type of a magical feeling, a type of a place of hope, a type of a place of camaraderie, exactly where youll never ever feel alone, exactly where you will feel that there are extremely helpful people and energies that seem to be there that will assist any person along who gets into it with the correct feeling of wanting to do this.
A. Vishwanath: Yeah. Thank you really much, John. You know and I feel -- and these had been the answers actually men and women were -- people truly are hunting for and I think you have explained it in the proper manner. And in fact in terms of benefits like the in the earlier night when myself, you and Yanik were speaking, you gave really a amazing instance of you know locating the real source of difficulty exactly where you gave an example of the you know the televisions set goes out, then you go out your microwave is -- and so it does not work, whereas actually the real problem could be just the switch may possibly have tripped and that is -- so basically all these issues that people would in fact come to know the genuine source of troubles, appropriate? So could you explain a little a bit
John Harricharan: Completely. The funniest point about that is, when you know, when you understand what is taking place in you than you affect what is taking place around you.
A. Vishwanath: Okay. So, yeah. Precisely, I mean you know theyve had -- and you know there is 1 a lot more point which actually you happen to be speaking about that divine, you care a damn attitude and I consider that was like most of the people -- most important step is the first objective step in following our dreams and everybody struggles towards obtaining there, and Im sure that 37% and you know I got the statistics from a single spot in the globe, do not pursue the dreams, since of worry of being rejected by the close to and dear ones. So could you speak a small bit on that, John?
John Harricharan: Yes. Once again, what you had been talking about there is, what I called a divine, dont you give damn attitude, which is one of the first actions for good results or for overcoming difficulties because when we touch on the troubles, when we think about them we become scared and we get caught up in the mess of negativities and doubts and so forth.
And so when a single gets to the point of developing an attitude, which is like and once more, I point that is many years ago, because I feel it describes it a kind of a divine dont give a damn attitude exactly where you are not attached to the outcomes exactly where you say to yourself, it doesnt matter what happens, it doesnt matter what doesnt happen. And you get to believe it then your globe starts changing.
And so, I consider you will discover that as you start undertaking this there would be a lot of individuals about you, some who have usually been comfortable with that loved ones, close friends and others. Who will wonder what is happening with you and attempt to hold you down, remember we talked the other day about some of your loved ones attempting to keep you back.
A.Vishwanath: Yes. Yes. click here"
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