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"It got bet...
Yesterday was a fine day, a truly excellent day, at least, the start of it. As is my usual routine, I started the morning writing, then creating mobile phone calls. Next, I checked e-mail. There were several-- several from readers of my books. Some took the time to express thanks and wanted to know what other books I had written. They spoke of life-altering insights they thanked me for supplying them the opportunity to read my operates. They wanted much more. I felt good, truly excellent.
It got far better. By lunchtime, there were a number of orders for my "PowerPause" program. The ordering system worked perfectly I was hearing from excited affiliates who were excited. The positive feedback on my items was encouraging and rewarding. I leaned back in my chair and smiled. Yes, issues were operating life was great.
And then it happened. I checked my email once more before quitting for the day. There, buried among all the wonderful notes was a short e mail from someone who had purchased a "PowerPause" kit the week just before. It mentioned something to the impact that he wanted a refund and wanted it right away. "Your PowerPause is not for me," he continued. "It did nothing for me. I know all the issues you talked about. Ive read them prior to and am way beyond such basic stuff. Just give me back my money."
I stared in disbelief at the e-mail on the monitor. I printed it out and read it once more. A sad feeling came over me. All sorts of thoughts flowed by means of my thoughts. For a moment, I thought, how could he NOT like my item? After all, thousands of people have benefited from it. Why couldnt he understand? Did he require to be so insulting? Look what he did just appear what he did to me.
Had this been a few years ago, the subsequent few hours would have been very unpleasant. I would have just focused on this a single, unfortunate event. I would have ruined my whole evening by allowing thoughts of rejection to possess me. Rejection, at any level, is unpleasant.
But I have learned over the years that events of this nature were not a rejection of who I am and what I do. That buyer truly did not do anything at all to me. He just did what he did due to the fact it was his nature to do so. He had each and every proper to do what he did. Did not I supply an unconditional guarantee? Didnt I especially state, on my website, that if somebody didnt find the "PowerPause" beneficial, Id refund the funds, no concerns asked? Why must I be upset if one person took benefit of my supply?
In enterprise, as in other areas of our lives, we oftentimes face rejection. It becomes a lot less difficult to deal with if we dont forget that we are not rejected due to the fact of who we are but simply because of who the other individual is. If we comprehend this, and if we do not personalize it, life would be significantly calmer, far more peaceful and certainly a lot more productive.
Author, Richard Bach had already written a number of books when he sent his new manuscript to a major publisher. It was promptly rejected with a note attached as to its quality. But he kept on keeping on, and seventeen or eighteen rejections later, his manuscript was lastly accepted by Macmillan. It was Richards positive way of looking at life that made him maintain on. I am sure that rejection bothered him a bit. But the publication of "Jonathan Livingston Seagull" resulted in Richard Bach gracing the cover of Time magazine. And from what Ive heard, his meaningful books have touched the hearts of millions of readers.
Yes, rejection is hard. It does not matter whether the rejection comes from a buyer, a business associate, a friend, husband, wife, lover, client or a total stranger, it nonetheless hurts. If we possess any sensitivity at all. it really is all-natural for us to feel negative. The trick is not to mind too much, not to focus all our energy and time on saying, "Look what they did, just appear what they did to me."
Just bear in mind, theres no one particular else on earth with your talents and your skills. No a single else can do what you do. You are exclusive, a specific particular person-- somebody whose hopes and dreams span eternity itself. Dont let rejection bring you down. Just interpret it slightly differently from the way you happen to be accustomed to and youll locate that your journey by means of life becomes much more pleasant. read this"
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