Christian Enterprise Association

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"Why is a Christian Company Association essential?
A Christian business association and specifically TACB.org exists to educate the Christian consumer as to the importance of operating with Christian corporations in their geographic location.
In the past few years we have personally worked with thousands of Christian corporations and individuals and the state of Christian business is of grave concern! Christian enterprise is getting attacked from all sides and it has turn into a burden on our hearts to help Christian companies succeed and give back to the kingdom!
Association Of Christian Business was established to educate the Christian public about the significance of working with fellow brothers and sisters in business and so advance the Kingdom through the passionate promotion of your Christian enterprise.
The mission and purpose of a Christian Company Association is to promote the Christian industry in the United States and throughout the world. By virtue of its quite existence a Christian Enterprise Association such as TACB.org will add credibility and assist your precise Christian enterprise in a number of ways.
1st, your Christian Business Association (TACB.org) will give you exclusive rights to use it’s logo and seal once your credentials have been verified. Furthermore when you meet our specific recommendations you will receive the Certified “Best Practices” Christian Company Emblem which shows the Christian community your commitment to hold to an unprecedented level of high quality and common of conduct above all other companies.
The Association of Christian Companies Certified “Best Practices” Christian Business Emblem will be offered to you for your Web site, letterhead, brochures and window for your place of business. This clearly shows that your organization has been accredited: that is, your company holds to the highest of standards set forth by TACB.org, and your credentials have been established.
Secondly, your Christian Business Association (TACB.org) will give monthly mentorship and coaching (based on your level of involvement) to help you grow your business to new heights even in the midst of difficult financial instances. After all the Lord mentioned in Jeremiah 17:8 “It does not fear when heat comes its leaves are often green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never ever fails to bear fruit.”
If your organization has failed to bear the fruit you desire through these tough days then our monthly “Masters Mind” newsletters, webinars and coaching by effective Christian organization owners will help you transform your struggling business into 1 that is flourishing.
Thirdly, your Christian Organization Association (TACB.org) will aid you grow on several levels. As a member, you will have the latest information regarding the marketing, growth and operations of your Christian company. You will also have the capability to interact and share ideas with many other Christian enterprise owners across the United States via on the internet networking and at a single of our a lot of local seminars promoting Christian organization.
By joining TACB.org – your Christian Business Association, you will grow to be an accredited member of our sector. As an accredited member, you will represent our industry at its very greatest. You will be suggested by TACB.org on our official Net site and have use of our logo for advertising purposes. The NHWA will only accept companies willing to abide by our Code of Ethics and who strive to maintain the finest interest of its clients. To learn far more about joining your Christian Enterprise Association, TACB.org, speak to Rob Kosberg at 888.488.6634 these days. christian business article"
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