Movie Posters - for that Unique Finishing Touch to your Home Theater

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"Several home theater enthusiasts go into great detail about deciding on their AV equipment and that is the way it must be. Even so, handful of realize that equally crucial is the way you present your favorite movie poster. The way you hang that movie memory on your wall plays a determining role in reliving the film magic in your home.
Poster Presentation - Framing, Mounting and Light Boxes
Poster presentation is a most essential aspect that should be taken into consideration when hanging a poster of your preferred movie on a wall. Suitable presentation that matches with the rest of the room decor can aid bring about the film encounter, but not only.
Presenting your newly acquired movie poster by framing or mounting will result in a more attractive finished product in any room. In certain, framed film posters are most suitable in a shared space property theater e.g. a living room or a bedroom house theater.
Even so, mounting and in specific framing a poster, provides a further crucial advantage - it also represents an important step towards helping your posters remain nice for a lot longer.
Although both frames and mounts offer a excellent way of presenting a more appealing finish in any room, however in the case of a devoted home theater room, the ultimate in movie poster presentation is the backlit poster light box. The use of a backlit box will far better assist bring about the cinematic feeling into your house.
Movie poster light boxes add a special finishing touch to your home theater, or in that case, anywhere you want to display your favorite poster.
The Poster Light Box:
The classical way to illuminate movie posters for display is from behind. Most poster light boxes operate in this manner by having a light supply mounted on the rear side of a box frame. A diffuser plate is employed to help remove the formation of possible hot spots of light over the movie poster area.
These poster light boxes are also referred to as backlit poster boxes and are normally created to take 1 Sheet posters. The latter are normally 27 inches in width by 40 to 41 inches in height, depending on whether the poster is a pre 1983/1985 or otherwise. (More information on film poster sizes is available at care, however! Not all one-sheet size movie posters are greatest suited for display in a backlit poster light box. Why?
1 sheet comes in either single-sided or double-sided prints, with the latter getting designated as DS 1-Sheet. While it is possible to mount either form in a poster light box, but the finest posters to use in a backlit poster light box are double-sided posters.
DS 1 Sheet posters have printing on each the front and the back of the paper stock, with the printing on the backside getting in precise alignment with that on the front and a mirror image of the printing on the front side.
Light from behind the 1-sheet poster will have to pass via both prints, with the poster acting as if it is a strip of film. The two prints on either side of the poster will render for a far more robust and rich illumination of the poster artwork.
That is not to say that the less expensive and more common single-sided posters are not appropriate for use in backlit light boxes. It is just that a single-sided 1-Sheet posters appear somewhat washed-out when illuminated from behind. cheap flyers"
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