Hummer H1: The Last Time To Shine

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"Soon, it will be the time to say goodbye to the Hummer H1. This automobile is actually a truck which is created by the Common Motors Corporation. A single of the latest news from the firm is that the Hummer H1 would soon be on the list of those that will move on no further.
The Hummer H1 truck has been known as a gas guzzler. It also has been crafted, developed, and popularized as a military-style status symbol. To leading it all off, this automobile has also been suffering from poor sales. That is the very reason why the firm has decided to cut and entirely halt the production of the Hummer H1 and instead, concentrate on marketing and focusing its resources on their other vehicles that sell well and bring in the cash.
Given that 1996, this automobile has already been in production. It has been crafted in three designs which comprise of the convertible-like soft top rated, the four-door tough leading pickup truck, and the station wagon. On the other hand, there are still some other types for the Hummer H1 which did not really cause a stir among automobile buyers. These other types include the pick up truck with two doors and the slantback which holds four doors.
The final batch of Hummer H1s would soon be rolling out the companys production plant come June this year. It is not so successful when it comes to mileage for it could only run some 10 miles on a gallon of fuel. Despite this, the Hummer H1 would nevertheless be remembered fondly given that it is the foundation of the Hummer brand.
According to Dayna Hart, GMs spokesperson for the Hummer brand, We are discounting it because its a low volume niche vehicle and we will dedicate out resources now it support solutions"
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